About Baton Rouge SEO for 2014: The Living, the Dying and the Soaring

Search engine optimization or SEO in Baton Rouge is the local businesses’ best friend in the online marketing arena – it allows small and large businesses alike to be more visible to their customers by affording them a higher ranking in search engine results pages or SERPs, especially on Google. This 2014, with the rise of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, many business owners are asking themselves: is SEO a dying breed, or is it still alive and well enough to work? The answer might shock you: it’s a bit of both.

What died?

There are two sides to SEO, white hat and black hat – black hat SEO relies on below-the-belt tactics that aim to trick search engines into giving a good ranking to a website or web page not because of the quality of its content in terms of what the reader can appreciate, but solely on the number of links, keyword insertion, spam, and other techniques.


Finding the Right Keywords for Local SEO

When using a search engine, every inquiry you make is usually accomplished by typing words into the search bar. The results will vary on what words or phrases you used. The output will be vital in the context of localized search engine optimization (SEO)– the wrong keyword to associate your business with may be what the competition needs. As such, researching on the proper keywords is one part of your quest to land the higher rungs in the SEO ladder.


Have your SEO specialist provide you a copy of your site’s latest analytics report. The document will list down the keywords or phrases a customer used to eventually find you. Jot down the frequently used keywords. Some search engines like Google have free keyword research tools to figure out the performance of each keyword.


Drum up keywords based on what you may be brainstorming with your business team and the SEO specialist. Some online marketing experts recommend going for keywords that actually go for 100 to 1,500 searches a month. Study the singular and plural versions of the keyword phrases and see how they fare in the results. In some cases, the keyword research you do will not just be applicable for SEO, but for other paid services like pay-per-click ads.