Property Agents More Visible Online

Cyberspace has become a battleground for many highly-competitive industries, real estate being one of them. Some authoritative sources noted high numbers of homebuyers probing various listings just to try closing on a dream property. In many ways, if you’re an accredited REALTOR© seeking to guide house hunters toward an ideal place, you can get higher visibility on the web with the help of Baton Rouge search engine optimization experts.


Part of choosing and shaping the content for your website depends a lot on the right keywords that have been considered after careful market analysis.. You’ll also need to know how to pair them to make the most out of them; for instance, you may find that using the copyrighted form of the word “realtor” could generate the kind of target audience you want to draw to your website. Continue reading “Property Agents More Visible Online”


Baton Rouge SEO Services: Three SEO Trends that Will Continue in 2015

There’s already much for online marketers to revel in as the year draws to a close. The greater usage of social media channels and expanded image-based content marketing, so far, this year already gave business owners a wider arena to promote their product or service. Businesses need to think several steps ahead of the competition with 2015 on the horizon. That’s where a Baton Rouge SEO company like RedStick SEO can come in to help you with your options, a few of which Moran has taken time to dissect.