Foresight: Three 2015 SEO Trends to Look Out For

SEO is constantly changing and there are several emerging trends worth noting this 2015. Here are three of them.

Using Google Plus. Many online marketers recommend that business owners create an official Google Plus profile to aid in positioning better on search results. The usage factors in as well in the location data when you input the address and other particulars as part of the profile. Sharing content over Google Plus can be beneficial, too. Continue reading “Foresight: Three 2015 SEO Trends to Look Out For”


Social Media Has a Great Impact on Your Baton Rouge SEO Strategies

Social media is an essential part of a successful Baton Rouge SEO strategy. Any marketer today knows just how important social media is in search engine rankings. In fact, according to Econsultancy’s State of Search Marketing Report in 2013, 82% of agencies and 74% of companies said that social media has a large part to play in their SEO efforts. However, there seems to be a debate when it comes to exactly how social media affects search engine rankings, thus creating confusion. In truth, even if in the event that social networks do not have an effect on SEO, other related aspects still have an impact upon a company’s ranking.

Social Links

Both a small business and a well-known brand should exert effort in developing and creating original content to post on social media. When it garners enough attention, said content could potentially have a positive effect on search rankings.

Some Misconceptions on Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are known to be very fickle, constantly releasing new updates that completely change the game for companies that use search engine optimization. Google, for example, changes its algorithm 500-600 times annually. This means that some SEO tactics that worked in the past won’t be as effective today. Here are some of the common misconceptions on SEO that you need to know:

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