Trends that Will Affect Search Engine Optimization

In the world of Search Engine Optimization, what is new quickly becomes old, and content producers often have to struggle to find the latest trends. Here is a look at current and possible trends on SEO.
Relationships are Key

Businesses used to produce content with keywords that were SEO-optimized, which normally paid off in the rankings. However, in the future, rankings could end up being about building connections and relationships, instead of the usual strategies. It’s not enough to just hammer out content; businesses now have to cast a more human character when it comes to their brand.

Negative SEO

As search engines and consumers become wise to the tricks where some marketing people would game the system, negative SEO tactics will be frowned upon even more. Also, SEO and content marketing will be seen more as a full entity, and not just parts of a puzzle. In order for both to be effective, they will have to work together as a well-oiled machine.


As the increase in online shopping continues, so will the need for more security. Hackers love a challenge, and as they keep building up their skills, so should businesses when it comes to securing private information. Search engines have taken notice, which is why some predict that security will begin to play a bigger role in rankings.

Mobile SEO

People are on their phones and tablets more than their computers, which means that the mobile experience will play an even bigger role in SEO.


Baton Rouge Marketing Experts Help You Differentiate SEO from SMO

Previously, the most effective online marketing tool that businesses in Baton Rouge and elsewhere used was search engine optimization, or SEO. With social media sites becoming just as popular as search engines, however,social media optimization is catching up fast. It shouldn’t bother advertisers, however, since both methods can be used at the same time instead of favoring one over the other.

Baton Rouge SEO Expert Tips on SEO-Friendly Places to Post Content

Most people wonder how Bufferapp blog posts managed to consistently attract readers in droves and top search results. Bufferapp’s SEO strategy, it turns out, was by no means focused entirely on targets like traffic, conversions, and revenue but rather on content planning and promotion.

Bufferapp is a perfect example of a perfect integration between solid SEO and an equally effective content marketing strategy. These methods, when executed correctly, can enable your business to dominate search results pages and pave the way for a stronger online presence. For the best SEO-friendly places you can publish your content online, Baton Rouge SEO experts have the answer.